Realtors in Jerusalem: Get to Know the Real Estate Market in the Biggest City in Israel

The differences between the neighborhoods, the ability to locate properties and opportunities, the connections with other real estate professionals and professionals: the local brokers who have become part of the real estate landscape in the city.

It seems that locating properties in Jerusalem is a more complex task compared to other cities. The largest city in Israel, with more than 900 thousand inhabitants, is divided into neighborhoods and areas, each of which has its own characteristics. Something that inevitably affects residential and commercial real estate.

The demand for residences in the city almost does not stop when in the last decade an increase of more than 30 percent was recorded in apartment prices. There was also an increase in the segment of rented apartments. Accordingly, demand was also recorded in the field of commercial real estate.

The real estate professionals and brokers working in Jerusalem know the real estate market intimately, which allows them to locate opportunities for their clients, and to the same extent to act to promote transactions until they are completed. Meet the realtors in Jerusalem Gov Ari Properties and Lily Levit .

Gov Ari Properties : The Mission – To Help People

Idan Gov Ari, completely secular, and Dor Ephraim, a convert, are two different ends of society, but this does not prevent them from being the best friends and companions. The two, the owners of the Gov Ari Properties real estate office, really don’t like being called “realtors”. “We love all people regardless of religion, race or gender. We are not ‘intermediaries’, we connect and connect people”, they emphasize right at the beginning of the interview.

The attempt to talk to them about the properties they are marketing is doomed in advance to failure. “It doesn’t interest us to talk about it, because today there is a property for sale, but tomorrow it will be sold”, they say and mean it. So we talked mainly about people, about mutual guarantee and the importance of helping others.

The “Gov Ari Properties” office has been operating in Jerusalem for 12 years, and for the last four years it has been managed by the Idan and Dor partnership. “In addition to being a financial business, our mission is first and foremost to help people,” Dor says, “It is true that along the way we earn money, but money is not our personality. In the processes of buying and selling apartments, we come across many heartbreaking stories, concerning inheritances, wills and neighbor disputes, and these are things that are not easy to deal with, but we know how to get into these things and help where needed.”

A Young, Dedicated and Experienced Team

Idan and Dor are not alone in the office. Working alongside them is a dedicated team of energetic real estate agents who, despite being young in age, all have at least 18 years of experience in the field and all speak English as their mother tongue, which helps them a lot in providing professional service and personal attention to the many foreign residents the firm handles.

“Each and every one of the staff sees their work as a mission. They, just like us, are not just trying to sell. We all come from a pure place of wanting to help,” says Idan and adds that the entire office staff regularly donates to special homes. He also says that at this very moment he came back from a meeting with an elderly man, who needs to move to assisted living and wants to sell his apartment, but he has problems with his lawyer: “I told him don’t sell the apartment cheap now, it’s not worth it. I’ll help you To get a balloon loan. I didn’t get any money out of it, at least not right now, but I’m acting first and foremost out of humanity. This person could be my grandfather.”

Full Support from the First Meeting to Closing the Deal

They are well aware of the image that has been given to real estate agents, as those who only come to cut off a coupon for their clients, and they seek to shatter it. To the question of when they will have enough to work and make a living, if they are constantly busy doing mitzvot, Dor has an unequivocal answer: “The money comes from above. We had a great sales year despite the corona. I don’t know if it was the corona virus that encouraged people to buy and sell or if it was our office that grew and developed, but we had an excellent financial year. After all, if I advise a client not to sell now, because it is not right for him, then I may not have made any money, but this client will bring me four other clients.”

Idan and Dor accompany their clients from the initial meeting to the end of the transaction to their complete satisfaction, and even beyond that. “All our customers become our friends. The number of invitations we receive for weddings and weddings will testify to this. We are not middlemen, we are real liaisons, who make a good relationship, of mutual trust, between seller and buyer, with integrity, transparency, reliability, humanity.” Working with a soul is what they call it.

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