Jerusalem: A Tale of Resilience, Real Estate, and Volunteerism

Jerusalem, the timeless city of history and spirituality, holds a unique place in people’s hearts worldwide. While Israel may face challenging times, especially during a war, Jerusalem continues to shine as a beacon of hope and opportunity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exceptional nature of Jerusalem, where real estate investment and volunteerism come together to create a meaningful and transformative experience for visitors from all walks of life.

Jerusalem’s Timeless Legacy and Robust Real Estate Market

For over three millennia, Jerusalem has stood as a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity. Dating back to 1010 BCE when it was founded as the City of David, this ancient city has a history that traces even further, with settlements reaching as far back as 4500 BCE. With a continuous Jewish presence spanning more than three millennia, Jerusalem holds a unique place in the annals of history. Its significance extends beyond religious texts, as evidenced by the Execration Texts, written 3,800 years ago in Egypt, which mention the city. Jerusalem’s storied past is marked by resilience, having endured over 40 conquests by empires such as the Persians, Romans, Ottoman Turks, and the British Empire. Over 100 battles have been fought for control, shaping its destiny.

A city rich in history, boasting resilient real estate despite an ongoing war, the city’s resolute real estate market showcases a remarkable trend in Israel’s property landscape. Organized groups of foreign investors have been actively acquiring smaller apartments in strategic locations within the city. A prime example of this trend is the Midtown Jerusalem project, spearheaded by Israel Canada, which has garnered significant attention. Data from the Israel Tax Authority reveals a notable surge in the acquisition of 75 two-room apartments in Jerusalem since the onset of recent events. This figure surpasses similar transactions in other urban centers.

Jerusalem’s real estate market stands out due to its financial appeal and emotive significance. Many buyers are drawn to properties in the city for sentimental reasons, recognizing the enduring allure of Jerusalem. While markets in other Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv, have experienced fluctuations, Jerusalem’s real estate market remains robust. The city’s unique neighborhoods, such as the German Colony and City Center, continue to be highly sought after. Despite challenges affecting other regions, Jerusalem demonstrates unwavering demand and a persistent shortage of supply, factors that contribute to the steady rise in property prices. Jerusalem remains a city of enduring historical significance and a resilient and appealing destination for real estate investment. The city’s robust real estate market provides a modern-day testament to its resilience, making it an ideal backdrop for the diverse volunteer opportunities that thrive within its walls.

Volunteer Opportunities in Jerusalem: Making a Difference in a Resilient City

In Jerusalem, the call for volunteers resonates more than ever as the city thrives amidst challenging times. Whether a resident or a visitor, you’re welcome to contribute your talents and support the community. The scope of volunteer opportunities has expanded significantly, offering diverse ways to make a meaningful impact. Here are some remarkable initiatives where you can get involved:

Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP):

  • What They Do: EVP, a not-for-profit program, focuses on deploying volunteers to Israel during times of need. Located at 34 Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem, Israel, EVP is involved in several vital projects.
  • Opportunities: EVP runs the Mass-Feeding Unit in partnership with Israel’s Home Front Command, where volunteers are trained to prepare fresh, healthy meals for IDF units and those in need, using a fleet of mobile kitchens. The EVP Make A Soldier Smile project involves volunteers cooking meals at popup field kitchens on army bases.
  • How to Get Involved: Contact EVP through their web form, email, or call 781-713-4562 (USA) or 073-729-1954 (Israel).

Jewish National Fund-USA Volunteer Missions:

  • Overview: Jewish National Fund-USA organizes five-day volunteer missions in Israel, starting December 10-14. Participants (ages 18 and up) are housed in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and dedicate four to six hours daily to various impactful activities.
  • Opportunities: Volunteers work in agriculture, assist displaced families, or support logistical duties at an IDF base.
  • How to Participate: Click here to sign up and gather more information on JNF-USA volunteer missions.

Pantry Packers of Jerusalem:

  • Mission: Pantry Packers typically provides Meals on Wheels to 37,000 families monthly and runs soup kitchens. However, with thousands of refugee families seeking shelter in Jerusalem due to current circumstances, the city has requested Pantry Packers to provide 6,000 meals three times a day.
  • Volunteer Tasks: Extra hands are needed to meet this increased demand. To schedule a volunteer activity at Pantry Packers, email

Yad Sarah – Home and Healthcare Organization:

  • Impact: Yad Sarah is one of Israel’s largest volunteer organizations, boasting a regular contingent of over 7,000 volunteers. They’ve lent out over 46,000 pieces of medical equipment to those wounded and displaced during recent events.
  • Volunteer Roles: Volunteers ensure equipment is cleaned, sterilized, and in good condition before lending. Opportunities include assisting with sterilization and essential maintenance at Yad Sarah’s repair workshops located in various cities, including Jerusalem, Modi’in, Rishon Lezion, Ra’anana, Haifa, and Beersheba, as well as 98 other Yad Sarah branches across the country.
  • Assembling Equipment: Yad Sarah conducts workshops for assembling equipment such as crutches and walkers. These workshops can be done individually or as a group at the Yad Sarah HQ in Jerusalem. To coordinate a session at the workshop, contact the visitor center at (02) 644-4687.

In the resilient city of Jerusalem, your willingness to volunteer can make a profound difference. Whether you have expertise in meal preparation, a passion for agriculture, or a heart for healthcare, there’s a place for you to contribute. Join hands with these initiatives and be a part of the positive change happening in this remarkable city. Your presence and support are warmly welcomed, demonstrating the enduring spirit of Jerusalem.

The city’s enduring spirit shines brightly in Jerusalem, where history meets resilience. Jerusalem is an exceptional destination from its timeless legacy to its robust real estate market and thriving volunteer opportunities. Whether captivated by its rich history, interested in real estate investment, or eager to make a meaningful impact through volunteering, Jerusalem welcomes all. This remarkable city inspires hope and transformation, proving that its unique charm remains undiminished even in challenging times.