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4 More Things You Should Know Before Signing The Closing Agreement On A Jerusalem Property

If you’re reading this, you’ve followed our (helpful) list, and are likely further in your Jerusalem real estate journey. Congrats! You’re one step closer to making your dreams a reality.  While the idea of buying real estate in Jerusalem is exciting, it’ll be, as you know, a life-changing decision. One that’ll need to be made […]

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Shop For Rent On Nahalat Shiva Pedestrian Mall

Shop for Rent on Nahalat Shiva Pedestrian Mall (Midrechov)    On the charming, centrally located Nahalat Shiva pedestrian mall, in the heart of Jerusalem’s city center, is a special rental property (long term), suitable for all purposes.  This special property is wonderfully situated in a fabulous, enchanting location, with vaulted, arched ceilings, perfect for a […]

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